Blackman, Malorie The Deadly Dare Mysteries

Blackman, Malorie The Deadly Dare Mysteries


Whoever - or whatever - is sending the emails wants something badly and theyll stop at nothing to get it . Who is out to get him and why does... In Deadly Dare, theres a new craze at Theo and Rickys school. Write a dare, put it in the bag and take turns to pick one out. Theo needs to find the answers before its too late . Theres nothing unusual about getting emails from your dad . Could the mysterious, desperate messages really be from the ghost of Jades dad. One things for sure. unless he died a few months ago? The rules are simple. In Computer Ghost Jade asks Theo, Ricky and Angela for help to find out whats going on. But on the night Ricky does his dare and enters the deserted warehouse he disappears. Theo, Ricky and Angela have to become Lie Detectives to uncover the truth about top inventor, Darius Marriott, after he comes to give a talk at school and collapses. What secrets does the warehouse hold and how much does new girl Angela know about what happened.

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