David Knight The Making of Modern Science

David Knight The Making of Modern Science


In 1833 the word ?scientist. Peripatetic congresses, great exhibitions, museums, technical colleges and laboratories blossomed; and new industries based on chemistry and electricity brought prosperity and power, economic and military! Their new ideas invigorated the life of the mind. The ideas, discoveries and inventions of... Of all the inventions of the nineteenth century, the scientist is one of the most striking. was coined; forty years later science (increasingly specialised) was a becoming a profession. Men of science rivalled clerics and critics as sages; they were honoured as national treasures, and buried in state funerals! Eighteenth–century steam engines preceded understanding of the physics underlying them; but electric telegraphs and motors were applied science, based upon painstaking interpretation of nature. In revolutionary France the science student, taught by men active in research, was born; and a generation later, the graduate student doing a PhD emerged in Germany.

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