Maunendra Sankar Desarkar Multi-parameter Auctions

Maunendra Sankar Desarkar Multi-parameter Auctions


Depending on the nature of resources and the mode of sharing, usually algorithms are implemented either in hardware or in software to guarantee fairness in resource sharing. In such cases we can view the resource allocation problem as a mechanism design problem. Hence one can think of designing simpler algorithms, those would reduce the difficulty during design verification without losing much on the system performance. A central allocator listens to the valuations and takes allocation decisions accordingly. As the allocation is done solely depending on the valuations given by the agents, one needs to ensure truthfulness of the agents. These algorithms are generally complex and make the job of design verification difficult. One such approach can be to have the competing agents specify their valuations for the resources! Fair resource allocation plays an important role in determining the end performance of any computer system. We investigate how the problem of page allocation in DSM...

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