Attaullah Shah Analysis of Construction Project Delays and Cost overruns

Attaullah Shah Analysis of Construction Project Delays and Cost overruns


The Construction Price Index has been calculated on the basis of increases in the costs of delayed items of work. The books takes a holistic picture of construction projects delays and cost overruns by examining real projects. In the economic analysis, the delayed part of the projects has been analyzed on the basis of actual costs from the real time cost data. The major causes of project delays and cost overruns have been identified on the basis of questionnaire survey from the major stakeholders, including contractors, designers, sponsors and project managers. It is also useful for the undergraduate students to develop their perceptions about the project management. For the students in Pakistan, the book can provide valuable... The analysis has revealed that cost increases, time delays and poor quality are three major concerns in the construction projects of Higher Education Sector of Pakistan. The book is recommended for the graduate students of Construction and Project management.

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