Edwards-Jones, Anonymous & Imogen Beach Babylon

Edwards-Jones, Anonymous & Imogen Beach Babylon


With a cast of... And when the guests are some of the richest and most demanding people in the world, where do you find the energy every day to smile, smile and smile again. What do the worlds richest people expect from room service during their fortnight in paradise. Beach Babylon takes you behind the scenes at a five-star tropical island resort. How does it feel to be in the lap of luxury when youre thousands of miles from anywhere else? In the bestselling tradition of her previous Babylon books, Imogen Edwards-Jones investigates the rivalries and alliances between the staff at a resort where pandering to the guests most extravagant whims is de rigueur. Do all the stories which take place behind the closed doors of the exclusive spa have happy endings. How does it feel to live and work in the worlds most beautiful and luxurious tropical island resort, surrounded by white sandy beaches and aquamarine seas. What does the windsurfing instructor do to keep sane after hours.

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