Adriano Migliavacca Infinite Consanguinity

Adriano Migliavacca Infinite Consanguinity


Eliot and Allen Tate, as well as commentaries on the process of translating Crane’s masterpiece into Portuguese, in which..! Visionary in nature, rich and complex in style, his work represents an important achievement in modern literature in which the Elizabethan tradition in verse meets with the Symbolist and Surrealist innovations, all based on Crane’s own idiosyncratic and unique aesthetic views. This book focuses on the translation of one of Crane’s most significant works, the six-poem suite “Voyages,” into Portuguese. Controversial during his lifetime, Hart Crane came to be known throughout the 20th century as one of the most influential poets in American modernism. Despite its importance, Crane’s recognition outside the United States of America has been irregular. In addition to the Portuguese version of this work, this book presents a detailed discussion on Crane’s lyrical poetry, his aesthetic views and his own debates with important literary figures of his time, such as T.

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